Privacy Policy - Short & Sweet

We encourage you to read the Full Privacy Policy version and our Terms of Use carefully when using our website or services or transacting business with us. It demonstrates our commitment to protecting your privacy. By using our website, you are accepting our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

However this is a short Privacy Policy for those who just want a simple heads up on where they might stand with Lisstid, should they choose to use us.

For Members.

Your data is your data. It is not ours. It is your decision to use this website and to post or share any data or information on it. It’s yours to add, it’s yours to take away with you.

No one at Lisstid reads any messages that one user may send to another unless specifically asked to by one of the parties concerned. We have absolutely no interest in doing this.

Do not post to or use this website for anything that might breach any copyright of the holder or that may cause offence to anyone. We will remove any such content if we spot it or if ask to do so.
So this means
No Adult content, no nudity, no porn allowed.
No warez content
No fraud or phish content
No spam support content
No harassment nor offensive content of any kind
No bomb making plans or acts of terrorism content
No pages illegal under UK Law

Only nice fluffy stuff alowed.

We must respect the LAW in all circumstances and will disclose any/all information if asked to by the Powers that be. So don’t make us have to do that :) 

This is a healthy environment, dedicated to help Lissters succeed in their positive endeavours. So please do not use this site to upset anyone, cause harm or distress in any way. If you wish to say something destructive, say it somewhere else, or better still, don’t say it at all. We suggest you make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and watch a good movie. Things should look better for you in the morning.

So let us finish with this. Stay legal, stay safe, be happy, smile a bit more, do your job to the best of your ability and above all get paid. You earned it :)

For Users and Non-Members of Lisstid.

We can not vouch for, do not represent, nor endorse, any offerings, goods or services posted on this site.

We make no warranties, whether express or implied in relation to the accuracy, validity, reliability or professionalism of claims of any Lisstid members, users or their content. 

If you wish to engage with any persons or enitiy's displayed on Lisstid, please ensure you do due dilliegence to your satisfaction.

Remember any one can offer to supply goods or services and 
claim to be who or whatever they want to be. It doesnt make it so. You are responsibile for your personal and financial safety, security and well being in terms of what you choose to disclose and with whom on Lisstid.

Do your checks. Are they sufficiently qualified? if you are unsure, walk away, find somebody else. Make sure you have done your research and are happy with what you have found out. If you are happy to proceed, do so safely.


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